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3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Garage Door Is In Need Of Repair

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Cosmetic damage to your garage door is rather easy to spot. Consequently, determining that your garage door requires cosmetic repairs will not take much detective work. However, mechanical issues with your garage door may not be quite as noticeable. This can be a serious problem because mechanical issues can result in a safety risk if they are not addressed quickly. That is why it is so important for you to learn the tell-tale signs that your garage door requires this type of repair. You will find more information about three of these signs below.

#1: There Is A Delay Before Your Garage Door Starts Opening

When you press the button on your garage door opener, you should immediately see your door begin to open. If there is a delay before the door starts opening, this could be a sign that your garage door springs require repair or replacement. This is because this type of delay is often caused by your automatic door opener being forced to lift more of the door's weight as a result of a failing or worn spring. While the few seconds it takes your door to start opening may seem like no big deal, this problem can get much worse if not addressed quickly. Consequently, you should never put off garage door repairs when taking notice of this warning sign.

#2: Your Garage Door Has A Gap At The Top When Closed 

When your garage door is in the closed position, your door should not have any gaps along the top or bottom edge. If you notice a gap at the top of the door when the door is closed, this can also point to an issue with your garage door springs. This is one of the most dangerous mechanical issues your garage door can have since a broken spring can result in your door falling and causing serious bodily injury. 

#3: Your Garage Door Is Louder Than Before

Many people dismiss a little extra noise when operating their garage door because they simply assume that this is a symptom of nothing more than the door getting older. However, if your garage door is in good working order, this door should not get louder as a result of the aging process. If you notice that your door is grinding, squealing, or rattling when opening and closing, this could be a sign of various mechanical issues. The best way to get to the bottom of what is causing this increase in noise is to have your door inspected by a garage door repair contractor.  

For more info about garage door repair, contact a local company.