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Latent Causes Of Suspicious Noises That Would Warrant Garage Door Repair

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The fact that your garage door is heavy and made up of a range of components that need to work in tandem to operate means that opening and closing this door will typically be accompanied by some noise. However, if you have had your garage door for several months or years now, you probably tune out these operational sounds as they are just a normal part of the garage door.

As such, the moment your ears start to catch unusual noises that the garage door never produced before, you should be wary of the potential of an underlying problem. Typically, if left unchecked, whatever is causing the weird noise will worsen, and this will not only put your garage door in jeopardy, but you and your loved ones could be at an increased threat of injuries. To avoid any accidents, here are a few latent causes of suspicious noises that would warrant garage door repair.

The garage door components are experiencing friction

If you can hear a distinct screeching noise coming from the garage door when you open or close it, it is probably indicative of the fact that the components are experiencing friction. What some homeowners tend to forget is that their garage doors comprise a vast selection of metal components in the form of springs, hinges, rollers, tracks, locks, and more. When you do not provide your garage door with routine upkeep, the lubrication on these metal parts will eventually dry up, causing them to rub against each other whenever the garage door is in motion.

If you do not hire garage door services, the components can succumb to the friction, so you will be contending with multiple metal parts that are cracked or broken altogether. Hence, any screeching noises should be addressed immediately by a garage door technician so that they can determine if lubricating the parts will resolve this problem or if you need to pay for some repairs too.

The garage door components have come loose

The second kind of suspicious noise that you should be wary of from your garage door is scraping and squealing. Typically, once you start hearing these sounds, it means that multiple components that make up your garage door have come loose, which can transform your garage door into a safety hazard. Consider the fact that fasteners such as bolts and screws are utilized to secure the overhead door.

When one or more of these fasteners are disengaged, it means the overhead door is no longer fixed tightly in place, increasing the chances of it falling. You must seek garage door repairs services immediately so that the technician can either retighten or replace the damaged fasteners. Take note, retightening these fasteners should be done on a scheduled basis since the constant movement of the garage door coupled with vibrations will eventually cause them to come loose. To learn more, contact a garage door service.