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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door?

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Garage doors have a long lifespan, but they are not designed to last forever. When problems occur, you must determine whether a repair is needed or if it is simply time to replace the garage door

Cosmetic Damages

Cosmetic damages can include anything from flaking paint to dents or holes. Most damages can be repaired. Doors can be repainted and dents can be smoothed out. The exception is holes and punctures, as these are nearly impossible to repair invisibly. Rust and corrosion are other issues that indicate that it is better to replace rather than attempt a repair of the door. 

Warped Components

Warping can affect the door itself or the tracks. When the door panels warp, the cause needs to be determined. Wood doors tend to warp due to moisture damage, which means replacement is necessary. Metal warps due to tension issues, which can sometimes be corrected if the garage door is recalibrated. Warped metal tracks can sometimes be straightened, but in other instances, it is better to replace the tracks. The door doesn't require replacement if only the tracks are warped. 

Safety Issues

Every door has safety devices in place, such as the sensor eyes that prevent the door from closing completely if there is an obstruction beneath it. In most cases, the door can be repaired if a safety device fails. The exception is older doors, which may not be equipped with modern safety devices. In this case, it is better to replace it with a newer, safer garage door. 

Sagging Doors

Doors that sag are obvious, as the center of the door usually droops downward when the door is closed. Wood doors are the type most likely to sag, as it is a direct result of wood rot and moisture damage. Replacement of the door is necessary. If the door still appears level but only looks like it is sagging because it isn't opening completely, then you may be able to have the spring tension adjusted to repair the problem. 

Operation Errors

Issues with the proper operation of the door must be addressed individually. For example, if a door is difficult or impossible to open and close, it may simply be time to replace the springs. If the issue persists even after spring replacement and the door is older, then it may make more sense to simply replace the door with an updated model. 

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