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Choosing Between Wood And Steel For Your Garage Door

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One of the most important decisions you will need to make when choosing a new garage door to install on your home is what type of building material you want this door to be constructed from. This is because each of the options available to you will have its own unique set of pros and cons. While there are several different options available on the market today, wood and steel remain among the most popular of these options. Taking the time to review the pros and cons associated with each of these options can help you to decide which option is right for your garage door installation. 

Installing A Wood Garage Door

The Pros

  • Curb Appeal — The natural beauty of wood is appealing when used in any style of home. The universal curb appeal of wood garage doors makes it a great option for individuals who are looking to increase their property value by installing a new garage door.
  • Dent Resistant — Wood garage doors are extremely durable and are capable of withstanding a great amount of force without denting. 
  • Insulation — The natural properties of wood make this option great for insulating against both outdoor temperatures and sounds. 

 The Cons

  • Need to be Sanded and Sealed — To prevent water and termite damage to your wood garage door you will need to sand and seal the door every few years. 
  • Heavy — Solid wood garage doors are extremely heavy. The sheer weight of these doors will result in the need for professional garage door installation and necessitate the use of an automatic garage door opener in order to prevent damage to the door and possible personal injury.

Installing A Steel Garage Door

The Pros

  • Low Cost — While there are both high-end and low-end options available in all building materials, steel garage doors will typically be the cheaper option when compared to wood doors. 
  • Low Maintenance — Most steel garage doors will not require maintenance beyond regular cleaning and lubrication once the installation process is complete. 
  • Moisture and Termite Resistant — Steel garage doors are not susceptible to the same moisture and termite damage as wood garage doors. Consequently, these doors are often an ideal choice for homeowners who live in areas with high humidity levels. 

The Cons

  • Prone to Denting — The lighter-weight steel that is used in the construction of these doors is at a higher risk of dents. This susceptibility to denting can be especially problematic for homeowners who live in areas that are prone to high winds which can result in debris hitting their garage door on a regular basis.
  • Prone to Rusting — Steel is naturally vulnerable to rust damage. While this disadvantage can be eliminated through the use of a fiberglass coating, this coating can significantly increase the cost of installing a steel garage door.

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to garage door needs. Choosing the garage door that is right for you will depend on a wide variety of factors. Now that you have a better idea of what type of garage door you are most interested in, it is best to contact a garage door installation contractor in your local area to further discuss which style of garage door is best suited to your particular needs and to schedule the professional installation of your new door.