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Add Value To Your Home With Garage Doors

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Did you know that you can add a lot of value to your home with your garage door? Many people paint their front door, install new carriage lights, or plant flowers while neglecting one of the biggest outward-facing parts of your home. Garage doors are often used and abused. Filled with Christmas decorations, a wood workshop, or multiple vehicles, it is a high traffic area. Having a garage door with unsightly dents, paint issues, or out of date style can really hold your home back. Here are two ways to add value by repairing your garage doors and giving your home an easy facelift.


Adding windows to a garage door is a great way to add value to your home. Garages are often a highly sought out feature of any home. Windows can be a very useful feature whether you use your garage as a storage unit, luxury vehicle holder, or workshop. Windows make your garage look much more luxurious and add so much more natural light to the space. Being able to see clearly in your storage or workspace makes the garage more valuable to everyone. There are many different shapes, colors, and glass finishes to choose from for your windows. You can have windows added to certain types of existing garage doors, replace old windows, or buy a new door. Find a window that compliments the current style of your home to add to that curb appeal.

Garage Door Condition

If your garage door has been used and abused it may be time to have it repaired. Since the door is one of the first things people see on the home, you should try to fix any dents or scrapes that would cause pause. If dents can't be undone you can purchase a new garage door and have it installed. This is a great time to upgrade it right and add windows like mentioned above. If potential buyers see a lot of wear and tear it can deter them from wanting to buy because they may think the whole home was neglected. Make sure your tracks work well and quietly without horrible noises. Find a local garage repair professional to come and help you out.

Garage Door Color

Choosing a garage door color is equally important to the color of your front door. Having complementary neutral colors and paint that is in good condition can help make your home attractive to any buyer. If you can't decide on a color, consider driving other local neighborhoods for inspiration from homes that catch your eye. 

Find a garage door repair or installation professional to help you complete this part of your home's facelift. You will add value to the home and sell quicker with these details taken care of.