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Why You Should Never Fix Your Own Garage Door Spring

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Most homeowners pride themselves on being able to do things around the house themselves. Fixing drywall, mowing the lawn, replacing a faucet head - these types of DIY activities give people a sense of ownership over their homes. Regular maintenance also helps to alleviate issues down the road.

But one thing you should never, under any circumstances, ever attempt on your own is fixing your own garage door spring. It's a job that should be left up to someone who specializes in garage door spring repair services for the reasons that are outlined below. 

You Could Hurt Yourself

Without going any further, this is the main reason garage door spring repair needs to be left up to a professional. The torsion springs that allow the door to go up and down are under pressure, so if they snap, the spring can hurt or even kill someone nearby. In addition, the door can also fall and hurt someone underneath it. There are several reasons to avoid fixing your own garage door spring, but safety is at the top.

You Might Not Have the Right Tools

Most DIY projects can be solved by simply pulling up solutions online, but garage door spring repair is not one of them. Even if you feel comfortable doing it, you may not have the right tools to get the job done. In order to repair a spring - or even replace it outright - you'll need specialized tools that you can't pick up at your local hardware store. They can be expensive, and you wouldn't use them enough to justify the cost. Even if you find the right tools, you'll also need to find the right parts for the job, which are not easy to find. It's actually cheaper to let someone who specializes in garage door spring repair to come and fix it for you.

You Might Make the Problem Worse

Even if you think you've repaired the garage door spring properly, it could always fail weeks or even months down the road. If that happens, and your garage door company finds out that you were the one who did the repair, it could also void the warranty on the garage door, which means you're now paying for any repairs that occur naturally and as a result of your errors. Someone who specializes in garage door spring repair has the experience that is required to fix your problem. It's better in the long run to let them handle it.