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Protect Your Garage Door: Learn How To Manage And Prevent Rust

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If there is one nemesis of a garage door — it is rust. Rust is not just unsightly; it can also introduce several different problems with the doors' function. Learn how to avoid rust, and how to prevent it, to keep your garage door in better condition. 

Perform Repairs Right Away

It is helpful to perform repairs to your garage door promptly, especially if the damage is to the door panels. If there is a chip or scratch on one of the panels, the damage will create a path for moisture to collect on the underside of the door, and under the protective coating. Eventually, the moisture on the unprotected metal surface of the door will cause rust to form. You can combat this problem by repairing any damage to the panels as soon as you recognize it. 

Upgrade Your Door

If you have routine problems with rust on the garage door, it might be time to upgrade your door. It is important to note that not every style of door works for every environment. Take a home in a waterfront community, for example. The high level of moisture in the air combined with a metal garage door is a recipe for rust. In this type of environment, a vinyl or fiberglass door would be excellent rust-free options. Contact a door professional to see about replacing your door.

Address Rust Quickly

In the event you detect rust anywhere on the garage door, address it right away. If there is rust in one area, there is likely rust in another area. If there happens to be rust along the garage door track or on the springs, it will pose a serious hazard. A rusted garage door track or springs both jeopardize the stability of the garage door, which could mean that the door falls off the track and on to the cars below.  

Do Not Forget Preventive Maintenance

Keeping the door in good condition by relying on preventive maintenance can also go a long way in helping you prevent rust issues. Rust can develop for many reasons, but often, it is the result of poor lubrication. When the moving parts are not lubricated, friction can buildup, which creates an environment for rust. Preventive maintenance includes regular inspection of the door and track system, along with lubrication to keep the door in good condition. 

If you have a concern about rust on your garage door, contact a garage door service professional for assistance. From repairing your door to assisting you with rust prevention tips, a service professional can help.