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3 Things To Know When Your Garage Door Stops Working

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Having a working garage door is more important than you may realize. The garage is a common entry point in many homes, and a broken garage door can be a significant threat to your home's security. If your garage faces the street, your garage door also has an impact on your home's curb appeal. A broken door can detract from your home's appearance. A garage door that doesn't work can also make getting in and out of your garage a struggle. If your garage door no longer works, here are three things that you should know.

1. Common Garage Door Problems

Often, the issue with your garage door is easily fixed. There are a few common garage door problems that you should know about. If your garage door does not open or close as smoothly as it used to, the rollers may need to be replaced. Loose screws and bolts are also common problems that can cause your door to malfunction. Worn out cables, pulleys, and springs are also common issues. Many garage door issues can be solved with maintenance or replacing a few essential parts. 

2. You May Need Professional Help

While many garage door issues can be fixed on your own, there are many instances where you should consider calling in a professional. Garage door repair may be a safety hazard if you do not know what you are doing. Calling in an expert for their garage door services is something that you should consider for tricky repairs. Garage door repair costs, on average, between $125 and $290. How much repairs cost will depend on your garage door and the type of repairs that are needed.

3. Replacement May Be The Right Option

If your garage door stops working, replacement may be a better option than repair. While most garage doors will work for decades before they need replacement, if your door is not well maintained, you may want to consider garage door replacement sooner than later. If you are unhappy with the style of your garage door, replacement is also something that you may want to consider. Garage door replacement will set you back anywhere from $735 to $1,488, on average, for a single garage door. 

If your garage door is not working, there are a few things that you should know. First, there are plenty of typical garage door problems that may be the culprit. Often the fix for your garage door is simple and easy. However, in some cases, your garage door repair will require the services of a professional. You may also want to look into garage door replacement instead of repair if your door has seen better days or doesn't work well for your home.