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Garage Door Services And Your Man-Cave Room Conversion

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What does a garage door have to do with your future man cave? If you don't use this interior area for anything other than storage, take a look at how to convert the garage into your own personal space.

Invest in a New Door

How old is your garage's door? According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the average lifespan for this type of door is between 20 and 25 years. If your door is at the upper end of this range, has clear signs of wear, or requires service often, it's likely you'll need to replace it before your garage-to-man-cave transition.

A new door will add more than just exterior aesthetics. Your man cave is a place to relax and feel comfortable. An older door may let air leak out— or leak in. This can make an air-conditioned interior warm during the summer or a heated garage cold in the winter. With a new insulated door, you won't need to worry about the temperature outdoors.

Schedule Service

Why do you need garage door services to convert this previously unused space into a brand-new man cave? Even though you may not plan to raise and lower the door often, it's possible you'll still need to use it. Whether you need to move oversized furniture or a pool table into the garage or you want a semi-open space to enjoy a cool summer evening, the door needs to work safely.

If the door is older, a service contractor can inspect the mechanism and make repairs if needed. This type of service keeps you, and anyone else who enters your man cave, safe.

Cover the Floor

A bare concrete floor won't add the comfort your man cave needs. Cover a cold, old, or cracked floor with a thick pad and carpeting. If you want something less permanent, plush area rugs are ideal.

Insulate the Area

The door isn't the only area to insulate. If the garage lacks insulation, hire a contractor to insulate the walls and ceiling areas before you move furniture or other items into the space.

Choose Furniture for the Converted Garage

Now that the floor is covered and the area is well-insulated, it's time to bring in the furniture. What should you fill your new man cave with? The answer depends on your personal preferences. Choose an oversized couch, a few recliners, and plenty of end tables to hold food and beverages.

Start your man cave project with garage door services from a company like Shank Door. After you replace or repair your older door, you're ready to completely convert the unused area into the room of your dreams.