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Reasons To Update Your Garage Door Opener

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If you haven't replaced your garage door opening system in a long time, then you may be surprised by all the interesting innovations. With the increase in wireless technology and the internet, many garage door systems have a great deal of added convenience to them. Here are some extra garage door opener features that you may have access to if you are in the market for a new unit.

Battery Backup

Usually, if the battery goes out, you're out of luck when it comes to opening your garage door. If your garage doors are heavy and tight, then you are stuck. Battery backup supplies power for those times. You should be able to open your garage door without power, especially if the power outage is short.

Smartphone Integration

Many new garage door openers can be controlled with your smart phone. Also, you may be able to integrate your opener with your smart home system. This means you can open and close the door without being home. You can also turn off and on the lights. You can even open the door for someone else.


Some garage door openers let you know if the door is opened, or has been left open for an extended period. Some systems will also tell you how many times the door was open, when it was open, and even possibly who opened the door.

Multiple User Codes

If you want to give someone special access to your garage, many new systems offer an ability to assign multiple codes. Many of these codes are temporary or one-time usage. You don't have to worry about reprogramming your opener each time you need to give someone access. This is especially useful for things like letting delivery people put a package inside your garage while you are not home.

Automatic Timers

Newer garage door openers often have timers so that you can close the door after a certain length of time. For example, if you often forget to close your door, you can set the timer to automatically close the door after a set time. Timers are also available to turn on the lights as well as heat or air conditioning.

Of course, the main thing your garage door opener should do is open your garage door. Now there's plenty of ways to manage that plus extra security features. New garage door openers are also more energy-efficient and quiet. If you are looking for a fully modern garage door opener, then talk to a garage door company for more information on different makes and models.

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